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The Legendary Goodtimes temp album artwork

Written by Ryan Cox

The long awaited release of Matt Jameson’s latest brainchild The Legendary Goodtimes has finally arrived.  The Legendary Goodtimes, formerly known as In Between, kicks the Delorean up to 88 miles per hour and brings it’s listeners back to a time when Rock ‘n’ Roll was pure, unabashed, and from the heart. Not only will Matt’s last name remind you of a glass of fine whiskey on the rocks, the music will make you wish you had one as well.

Matt Jameson from The Legendary Goodtimes

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Capturing the classic sound and feel of rock’s most iconic pioneers was no easy task. With the help of local engineer/musician/producer Mark Johnson of Bluejay Productions, this tedious task became a reality.  Recording as the greats did with loads of analog gear, the band was on it’s way to making their dream happen, and that they did. The LGT’s offer smooth listening with a classic southern rock edge that comes from the roots of popular blues and soul. I believe their music stands out in the valley and appeals to a broader demographic than most. Not to speak negatively about local cover bands, but the mature crowd must be ecstatic to finally have an original band that appeals to their musical tastes and reminds them of the “good ol’ days, when music was real.”. The band’s current lineup features Matty J. on vocals and guitar, David Moore on vocals and bass, and Mark Anderson on drums.  The live performance displayed on the album is well rehearsed and executed, which is rare in our current time.  Getting a band to record a professional sounding live album can be impossible for some groups out there.

The Legendary Goodtimes debut album is now available at Downtown Grounds coffee shop in downtown Medford as well as The Legendary Goodtimes shows and also online here!

Matty Jameson from The Legendary GoodtimesI give this album a few different ratings using the 5 star system:

  1. 5 stars for making honest music that displays raw talent and isn’t saturated with computer production, trickery and editing.
  2. 4.5 stars for overall songwriting and originality.
  3. 5 stars for being bold, brave and pursuing a dream that most aren’t willing to pursue in the digital age.
  4. 6 stars for turning it up to 11

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