Ivory Harp presents Haywood MacabreWritten by Ryan Cox

Rumors will spread as far as you let them, but until you meet the “Punk as Fu#$” singer songwriter Haywood Macabre, you will not truly know what the man stands for and how he conducts his life. It’s simple to capitalize on his phantom unicorn arm that mildly unleashes rainbow aura at any given time. Yes, I’m talking about his arm and squashing this topic before this review begins. The first time I spoke with this man I was curious about it as well.

As time went on, my curiousity shifted towards his incredible life and the raucous stories that accompanied it. No pun intended, but the absence of his arm will literally disappear as you dive into all that Haywood Macabre is. Not only as a musician, but as a person and as a friend.

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Combining elements of Classic rock and straight up blues-like-soul comes comedic and often blush worthy lyrics reminiscent of the brash and often appalling stand up of George Carlin and Bill Hicks.

I write this review in sight of the recent Youtube sensation of his song “Oh Booze.” What one man does on his own time, Haywood will boisterously shout to the crowd, anthem after anthem. I noticed his absolute dedication to his music after our Pabst filled day in Medford. I think one of the first serious things he said to me was “I’m not leaving Medford until I play a set.” You do not see the true sincerity and dedication towards entertaining some people until you see Haywood in search of a place to play music, hang out with friends, and get some “Goddamn gas money.” This brings me to a book being written. Yes, he is being featured in a book. “You’re punk as Fu#$ when you walk into random venues and tell them you are playing that night.” He will unleash more details on that piece of literature I’m sure. Haywood, Ivory Harp and I commend you dearly on what you bring to the scene. Your music is a foot stompin’ comedic jungle of love that should make any person change the way they think about the world. I urge everyone to find him on Facebook, Youtube and many other sites. Download his music, contribute to his cause and simply smile. I think I’ve known Haywood Macabre long enough to know, he just wants to bring a smile and an outlandish laugh to a crowd while providing singable classics that will leave you laughing and hysterically attempting to sing for the rest of the evening. 5 out of 5 stars

Keep your eyes peeled for Haywood Macabre’s full length solo cd… Maywood Macabre - Rough Cuts & Cigarette Burns

Rough Cuts &
Cigarette Burns

  1. Macabre forever!

  2. He is a bad ass

  3. Deserving of all the success in the world. A great piece on you!

  4. Haywood Macabre brings hope to my phantom erection. Just because a tower's cut, doesn't mean it's beauty ceases to shine.

  5. Dammit. *flower
    I'll see myself out….

  6. Haywood Macabre brings hope to my phantom erection. Just because a flower's gone, doesn't mean its beauty ceases to shine. Bravo, good sir.

  7. almost makes me like the guy…. ,,/

  8. Very cool

  9. Haywood rocks my socks! Lol

  10. Almost huh?

  11. I am joking Joannie, Haywood and I go way back….

  12. Awesome. Just awesome. He is not only the first one armed guitar player to rape my guitar strings, he is the only one armed guitar player I call a friend. Way to go Haywood! Keep rockin', bro!

  13. Nice Haywood!

  14. I just met the man and I am losing my sight just learning to play guitar he gives me inspiration