UPDATE: In Between has changed their name to The Legendary Goodtimes!

We are changing our band name. We discovered licensing issues with the name In Between and since we are about to release a single the time is now. We decided on a name we felt better described our music and our shows. We shall now be known as The Legendary Goodtimes! Thanks to everyone of you for supporting us and we hope to see you over at our new band page below.
-Matty J, David Moore, Mark J Anderson

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Written by Ryan Cox

“Combining elements of hard rock, soul, and southern rock into something In Between.”

About a month ago, on a day that was even too hot for the Devil himself, I decided to cool off by testing out a few acoustics at Tom’s Guitars.  After displaying my inability to make an expensive acoustic sound like a quality instrument, I noticed Matt Jameson at the counter. There are people that I look forward to an always interesting conversation with in this world, and also people that make me wish I was hanging out with a tree stump instead.  Luckily for me, Matt Jameson is on the “Interesting conversation” team.

Eager to find out what In Between’s new direction was all about, I started in with 20 questions for Matt.  I even walked away with a free EP even after I offered to buy one.  Our tech driven world has musicians pulling their hair out trying to sell music, not In Between.  They are eager to share their music and I quote “We just want as many people as possible exposed to our sound. We both encourage and demand piracy of our work! We tell everyone who gets a CD that we want them to give copies away to their friends.”  That’s a rare attitude to have in my opinion. Not an attitude one would want to keep on tour, but it works well in the valley to build a respectable following.

As I listened to the Restless EP, I found myself daydreaming about sipping homemade whiskey in a smoke filled dive bar.  Matty J has always impressed me with his chameleon like quality when it comes to music.  A person just never knows what he is going to do next, and what he is capable of when he puts his mind to it. In Between’s new EP features a retro rock sound with elements of classic rock, swamp rock and soul. Members Mark Anderson, David Moore and Matty J are on a mission to resurrect the great music they grew up on. Their sound borrows from their musical heroes of the 60′s and 70′s with a fresh twist and catchy riff writing.

Ivory Harp: Matt, I understand In Between has a new drummer?

Matty J: “When we auditioned drummers we found a noticeable stand out in Mark. His style instantly reminded us of John Bonham with a classic feel and noticeable elements of power groove and funk. I called our bassist Dave later that night and we spoke at length about our musical style. We both felt that Mark would help give us the sound we were searching for, and could provide a platform on which we could build some great music. Here we are a mere 7 months from that night with an EP, show dates and 12 songs we love to perform. It has been a lot of work that has paid off quickly. We owe that in large part to Mark.”

Ivory Harp: Tell me a little about your mission, music and marketing technique.

Matty J: “This is music made to be shared. It is often the people who have no money to spend on new music who truly need the comfort it can bring. Our lyric writing centers around themes of struggle, love in limbo, vices and most importantly hope. There is a message here in this music. You are not alone, there are others who struggle with you and feel similar frustrations. Lets come together and celebrate these times, for once we are past them we will look back fondly on how we made it through and became stronger for it.”

As a musician and fellow songwriter, I thoroughly enjoy In Between’s new direction.  The 60′s-70′s feel reminds me of speeding down Alaskan dirt roads in the back of my mom’s car, music so loud I couldn’t think, which is exactly how it should be.

In Between is currently scheduling more show dates and preparing to enter the studio in the fall to begin recording their debut album. The album is expected to release in winter 2012.

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