Members: Michelle Bellamy
Hometown: Grants Pass, OR
Record Label: Independent

Michelle Bellamy hails from southern Oregon
Her newest EP is titled Sorrow’s Delight
Review by: Kayt Westerlund for Ivory Harp

How do you introduce someone like Michelle Bellamy without gushing? Here is an artist who isn’t about “Me! Me! Me!” OK Marsha fans?! On the contrary, Michelle is quite the opposite! She is all about community, sharing, giving and being herself. This wonderful treasure is an Oregon Native who lives a humble life filled with sincerity and wisdom beyond her years. She says: “believe in yourself, love yourself and get past the limitations of your mind.”

Michelle is unique in her own sound, though she shares a taste of Norah Jones in the sultry way she releases her prolific lyrics and engaging melodies. Michelle pulls from different styles of music; however her music can be harmoniously coupled to the sounds of Kate Wolf, Joan Baez, Paul Simon (who I love and adore) and Ray LaMontagne all great!!!

Michelle’s acoustic folk sound isn’t just a genre: her music is a grass roots movement, open and flowing, a magnet for joy and pain. Whatever emotion you are experiencing, Sorrow’s Delight will address your inner passion for expression. Embrace it, take it in, breathe it in and love it. This is a passionate woman who truly sings from her soul and you will feel it through her songs and in her plight.

I had one question for Michelle and I thought that was all any of us needed to truly get a feel for this unique talent that Michelle shares with so many within her community.

Kayt: “What gets you up in the morning?”

Michelle: “This human life is such a gift and it lasts such a short time. There is so much to be thankful for and so much to live for and I fortunately have found my calling and my passion to live through the art of music. Music is how I express my gratitude for this life; it’s my muse and my vessel to express my emotions and reflect upon my day to day experiences. I have found that songwriting helps me to get through the challenges and the lessons that life teaches and in turn share my perspective with others. Without music I would have a lot harder time understanding this existence. Music is an innate part of everything; this world is music and we are conduits for life’s song. We are music! When I first picked up a guitar and started to learn how to write songs, I knew immediately that I had finally found my calling and my vessel to share my soul with the world. Music makes me feel a part of the whole, a part of something bigger than myself. I feel more comfortable and more at home on a stage sharing my songs then I do anywhere else. I love the energy that comes with playing music for and with people; creating a high vibe moment together, creating community together! Music is meant to gather people. Music gives me purpose and direction to help people feel connected, to make them smile, to cry, to feel, to acknowledge that we are all human beings living and creating this reality together. This is what motivates me to get up every day and play music. The songs I write aren’t my songs, they’re everybody’s songs and I have a duty to give share them with the world.

That’s why I love doing my *Fam Jams because it brings more purpose in what we do as musicians. As musicians I feel we have a duty to create community, beyond making people dance and have a good time. Fam Jam allows our local family of musicians to come together and speak the language of music together. In turn we get to create awareness about the amazing non-profits in our area and use our power as a community to truly help them. It aligns the gift of music beyond just the audio sensation of it. Fam Jam helps me see the potential of how music can heal and how we as musicians can fully utilize our gifts.”

*”The Rogue Fam Jam is an intimate evening with many of the local musical legends that our Valley is becoming famous for. It is a monthly benefit for local nonprofits and others in need.”

This is a great EP which reflects the amazing talent of a genuine soul sister.

Hear Frankie Hernandez at Peace Village 2011 with Michelle Bellamy!

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  1. She has such a great sound!

  2. Thanks Michael! that was awesome. I can't wait to get to my next review.

  3. Thank you so much Kayt! I just read this for the first time and am so thankful for your words and helping expose my music! Thank you Michael and Ivory Harp for creating community through music!

  4. A wonderful introduction to a wonderful and talented young lady. Keep growing and sharing, Michelle!

  5. Thank YOU! Your music is awesome and everything that you've done with the Rogue Fam Jam completely blows me away! I can't wait for all the awesome things this valley has in store!

  6. :)