Written by Dee Fretwell, Frozen Ocean ProductionsKory Quinn and the Comrades


Angels and Outlaws by Kory Quinn & The Comrades

Angels and Outlaws by Kory Quinn & The Comrades

A fine band is a group who can sing me a song so timeless that I swear it was written sometime between 75 years ago and perhaps last week. The sounds comes grainy and classic but with an inspiring sweetness. The band’s musicianship is unquestionable and thus insists on a trust with the audience that no one can argue. Kory Quinn and The Comrades do this for me. My favorite, Annabelle Lee, is a perfect illustration of how a band can be so selfless in it’s presentation of a song that you feel like you owe Kory and his friends for giving us this song. The fireplace blend of harmonies matched with a cool style of Americana/Classic Country melts your heart when you pause to listen to the lyrics. But don’t be fooled, these boys can heat up the dance floor with some boot-stompin’ licks to make you sweat from all the dancing you’re bound to do. Whatever you do, don’t miss these guys. Their style doesn’t come around often.

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  1. Way to go Medford! Lots of places aren’t so lucky to get Kory and the Boyz.
    Enjoy your good fortune and kick up some dust!
    Bear from Barrington

  2. This Friday at the Caldera Tap House! Caldera has such good beer too!

  3. Portland based Folk/Bluegrass/Americana band Kory Quinn and The Comrades will be in Ashland this Friday, March 15th, 2013 at Club 66 with local legends STEREOTYPED BLACKGRASS BAND and Haywood Macabre!