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Friday, January, 6th 2012 @ 8pm, $6 cover

Tumbledown, The Fret Drifters, All My Discretion ..with special guests!

at Rosso’s After Dark (31 S Grape St, Medford)


Bremerton, WA

The music of Tumbledown takes that sepia-tinged image of Americana and sends it hurtling into the present, with the help of some punk-inflected riffs and pure rock & roll attitude. All of the album’s songs written on the road, the characters in Herrera’s songs drink to forget; they ask for a reason to stay in town without really expecting to get one; they look at the madness around them and wonder whether it’s them or the rest of the world that’s gone crazy.

“I want to paint those colors that they’ve been missing but never knew were missing until they heard them on this new record and now life is never the same after that,” Herrera explains. “We have a good time each time we perform and we want our fans to have the same reaction while listening.”

Watch Arrested In El Paso Blues Video by Tumbledown on YouTube

The Fret Drifters

Folk / Instrumental / slap/tapping
Southern Oregon

The Fret Drifters create a multi-textual landscape of sound through just two guitars and an unconventional percussionist. Drumming on the body of of one guitar while mesmerizing two-handed tapping on the neck of the other guitar make this fusion of organic grace, brilliant rhythms, and contagious melodies of The Fret Drifters a truly one of a kind act to see!

Watch Andy Casad and the Fret Drifters at the Rogue Theatre on YouTube

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