Music for Eating and Drinking

Check out our first HD video from our exclusive event for musicians! The purpose of this 541Live event is for musicians to meet, eat and perform for other musicians. The event was held November 6, 2011 at 2:00pm.

See the videos here!

541Live will present the entire evening in high definition video over a 3 week period to the online community.

Week 1 HD video introduction to the evening.

Week 2 HD video interviews of the musicians and their performances.

Week 3 Release of professional photography that was taken at the event as well as exclusive MP3 download links to the actual recordings.

The Meal

David Graham Owner and Executive Chef at 38 Central prepared an exclusive menu prepared with some of the finest ingredients. The main course was Salmon and Prime Rib!

The Event and Media

The entire evening was filmed in HD, photographed and recorded. The goal of the event was to capture the passion and authenticity of the musicians as they speak about their craft and perform one of their songs.

Performing Musicians

Tom Cox, Marshall Thompson, Jeremiah Wilson, Matthew Flood, Cornflower, Andy Casad, Kate Booye, Harlee Case and Kyle Cregan

Ivory Harp is proud to feature some of the finest musicians in the Rogue Valley. This is our most ambitious project to date and we would like to hear from you the community if you would like to participate in future events!

Special thanks to 38 Central, 541Live, Ivory Harp, Jambot Media and Philip David Photography! Stay tuned for more!